Remote Instruction

The CAU, like many universities in Germany and all over the world, is currently running an enormous experiment: what happens if you suddenly start teaching ALL courses online and you have to develop the necessary skills and infrastructures on the go? This blog will discuss some of the consequences of such transformation for students and teachers. In how far do matters of regional diversity, family situation, gender, income, age, religion, living conditions etc. play a role when it comes to designing, providing, accessing, processing and participating in remote instruction/distance learning?

Every week, students form the MA course “Digital Divide” will present new research on the topic and ponder its application to the current, local situation.

Latest Posts

  • We’re all in the same boat – students’ mental health during COVID-19
    When the online semester at the CAU finally started in April, everyone was curious and anxious about how it would turn out. No one knew how much the pandemic would control our lives in the following months and most of the students and teachers actually hoped that everyone could return to university and ‘offline teaching’ […]
  • Quality assurance of e-learning in higher education
    Due to the COVID19 crisis universities and schools were confronted with new challenges. Suddenly, it was impossible to have face-to-face classes to educate students and schools were closed for several months. At universities the term was held online completely which was a big challenge for both; teaching staff and students. At the University of Kiel […]
  • Working remotely and its effects on mental health
    Our world turns more and more to technology and as much as it is a good help in many situations of life, it also creates a space for new challenges. Back in school everyone had to read novels from the late 19th and early 20th century. The most popular topics writers back then used in their novels […]
  • Online Teaching as Prosthesis? Covid19, Ableism and the Academy
    During the first weeks of the pandemic and the rushed adjustments made to allow for remote working and teaching, one feeling became palpable within the disability community: anger. After years (read: decades) of fighting for accessibility, the exact same accommodations that had been denied to disabled people time and again (which cost time, income, jobs, and […]
  • Student Lives Matter
    In recent weeks a groundswell of protest against racism in America has played out in both the real world and social media. Mobile phones, social media accounts, photographs, and videos, played a vital role in exposing and countering systemic oppression. Such concerns might seem somewhat different from the usual ‘online learning struggles’, but in truth, […]